SOT&A can offer several training programs. SOT&A can offer various customized training programs, deployable on the basis of specific threat and capability levels. Training programs can consist of:

  1. land, maritime and counter terrorism orientated training,
  2. training with focus on Direct Action, Special Reconnaissance and Military Assistance,
  3. specialist training such as Medic, Sniper, Demolition and Communication,
  4. training for operators and junior leadership,
  5. training for Operational Planning and Preparation (OPP), including the intelligence analysis process,
  6. training on individual operator level up to team, platoon, company and task force level, including Command and Control, and
  7. training with emphasis on joint, combined and interagency operations.


Levels of training support.

SOT&A can assist in training projects on different levels of support, varying from:

  1. full scale training support through the involvement of experienced Special Operations Forces Officers and NCO’s,
  2. support in a “train the trainer” concept, and
  3. support through mentorship, monitoring and advise.



Special Operations Training and Advise
Jan van Putten (Director)
Houten, The Netherlands
+31 6 21555754



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